Mold Remediation/Removal – no time to waste!

When disaster strikes, or even If you suspect that you may have a mold problem in your home or commercial facility, please call on our Mold Remediation and Removal Specialists at HomeWorks to do an immediate full inspection! As mold infestation can develop throughout your property in a mere 48 – 72 hours, following water leakage at some point, the disease potential from this harmful substance can escalate rapidly. There are many types of mold that exist all over – inside and outside of buildings – but any type of mold can get out of control, causing allergy and other medical problems, if spreading throughout your property unchecked. Black mold is the most toxic, but any mold variety can create an unhealthy environment when thriving in a moist habitat. Of particular concern are infants, young children, elderly, or anyone with respiratory issues.

Trained in Xactimate disaster assessment pricing estimates, Adam Brown can give you a prompt picture of the mold remediation/removal costs you may incur, in coordination with insurance companies. Well-versed in the science of mold remediation versus removal, HomeWorks experts understand that total mold removal is almost impossible, as mold spores can travel anywhere, inside or outside of a home. An effective mold remediation will get mold levels back to a non-toxic level in your property, with use of state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Initially, the water/moisture source has to be identified and fixed, and the affected areas dried out. Odor removal may be needed as well in order to rid the property of any lingering musty smell. Our job will be done when our valued customers understand how to best prevent mold infestation from any source.