Michiana Home Additions Specialists

Fully licensed and insured, HomeWorks Restoration & Remodeling will be hard at work for you from the moment you call until the last inspection after the completion of your home addition! We understand this is a large investment for you and want to make it as cost effective as possible while meeting your needs for livable space. Building out, or adding a room at ground level, is usually what we do, but a build “up” project is also an option. Building out will extend the perimeter of the house, and likely cause less disruption during the construction process. However, you will lose some space on your property or need a zoning adjustment if it affects any local ordinance. Building up offers a lot of possibilities, including adding a whole level, but usually is as simple as adding on one room. We will help you with any legal requirements per your home addition needs.

Sunrooms and family rooms are common home additions. Sunroom considerations include deciding whether you want a “4 seasons” room, which will require electrical heating/cooling capacity, or a 3 seasons room, which may not require these. Position of the addition is critical, also – as to whether it might get morning or afternoon sun. Energy efficiency is always a priority and can help lower costs during the renovation as well as lowering your heating bills! The cost of adding a family room will depend on the size you require as well as other possible components, such as windows, flooring, fireplace, etc. We also can help you with detached home additions, such as a shed, which can be custom-built or pre-fab. When you share your ideas for a home addition with our talented home addition team, we will be happy to give you a free estimate based on your ideas.