Fire Damage Restoration – We will help make your home safe and beautiful again!

The fire being put out is not the end of damage to your home. Numerous hazards can be present, from release of toxic chemicals, smoke, ash residue, to a fertile environment for other health-related problems like mold growth. The catastrophic damage from a house fire can be overwhelming so your best bet is to call the HomeWorks Disaster Restoration & Emergency Services Specialists right away. With your prompt call for help we can start the immediate processes needed to safely restore your residence. We have the qualified training, certifications, and licensure to expediently and safely perform your fire damage restoration work.

The water damage from the fire department’s efforts alone can be catastrophic; the immediate assessment needed by trained professionals will include this. Once you have your prompt assessment, a cost estimate for all fire damage restoration can be quickly provided before we start the needed restoration. The residence will need to be boarded up, with roof tarping as needed, water removed, and structure and furnishings dried. Smoke and fire by-products such as soot and ash are then removed, cleaning and repair started, and the whole gamut of restoration completed.

Our plan is to always minimize cost to you and restore your treasures – many of which likely could not be replaced. We use all available high-tech cleaning solutions, such as foam cleaning, dry cleaning, or abrasive and immersion cleaning, etc., to bring your valuables back to their previous condition.