Storm Damage – a constant worry in Michiana

Storm damage for home and business owners is a common threat in the Michiana area, where even tropical storms can spawn catastrophic damages to your property. HomeWorks Disaster Restoration & Emergency Services Specialists are trained, prepared, and experienced in returning your home or business to its former pre-storm condition. The multiple damages severe storms can incur are well known to us, so we prepare and frequently train in current storm repair techniques, from roofs, siding, windows, etc., to the variety of interior damages that can be catastrophic. The faster we can get to you to assess and begin storm damage mediation and repairs, the better the outcome will be. Elements such as water damage ruining your valuable property, and broken windows reducing your heating/cooling efficiency, etc., are best dealt with as soon as possible.

What we most frequently see are roofing, siding, and water damage from the high winds, lightning strikes, and heavy rains that these heavy storms often bring. The storm damage repairs we have done for these are a significant part of our business. We understand that the customers’ costs multiply parallel to the length of time needed for storm damage mitigation/repair. For businesses and homes alike, we aggressively treat all damages, such as water damage to carpets, infrastructure, valuables, etc. Roofing and window leaks are serious consequences that also demand immediate attention, and our expert storm damage technicians will prioritize accordingly, instigating boarding up services as needed. It’s a matter of pride for us – we are here to serve our community!