Michiana’s Basement Remodeling Company of Choice

A quality, up-to-date basement remodel not only adds to your living space, but increases the value of your home. Our basement remodeling team at HomeWorks Restoration & Remodeling understands that in our Michiana area, where it is common to have basements, they often become rooms that remain unused. Or perhaps they have a minor use, such as a second television room for the kids, area for out-of-season storage, or a single functional use, such as a laundry room. Why not expand on that, and make your basement fully useful and attractive?

That extra useful square footage should be put to good use! An affordable basement remodel should not only look to add value and attractiveness to another area of your home, but balance this need with greater functionality. Many homeowners have used basement areas for everything from workshops, living areas, sewing rooms, photography workshops, to home gyms, etc. Some of these uses can be done in a very cost-affordable manner that will minimize the overall cost of remodeling. HomeWorks expert remodeling and restoration specialist, Adam Brown, IICRC certified in water damage restoration and odor control, has the expertise to resolve any mold or odor issues that will need to be addressed and fixed prior to major basement remodeling work.

The number of uses for this valuable square footage is limited only by your imagination – we are ready to work with you on your basement remodeling ideas!